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Call Capture Line

An Inexpensive and Non-Invasive Way to Generate Leads

Real estate professionals today are faced with a host of business challenges, including ever-increasing competition and the growing cost of doing business. The Freedom800® call capture line is an innovative marketing tool that can help you face these challenges head-on.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works, then get more detailed information about some of the key benefits of using a call capture line below.

Call Capture Line Overview Video
  • Generate & Capture More Leads
    Using a toll free number and innovative call capture technology you will be able to capture more prospects phone numbers even if the caller doesn't leave their information or has a blocked number. Learn more »
  • Optimize Your Advertising Budget
    Each property extension is automatically duplicated four times. Use multiple extensions for the same audio presentation to help track which advertising medium produces the best results. Learn more »
  • Strengthen Your Listing Presentation
    Record information about a home in one of your extensions prior to a listing presentation, then demonstrate the power of call capture and convince sellers that you are the best candidate to sell their home. Learn more »
  • Stay Connected With Potential Clients
    Tracks you down to deliver callers to you wherever you are so you never miss an important lead. Being available to highly motivated prospects can mean the difference between getting a sale or not. Learn more »
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