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4 Ways A Virtual Phone Service Can Aid A Small Business

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Information and communication are the lifelines of small to medium-sized businesses. Blockages in the flow of day-to-day communication can not only prove to be irksome and inefficient, but can result in costly collateral repercussions. Inefficient modes of communication cause confusion and result in lost calls and sales. However, communication that has been optimized to do more with less boasts the potential to result in increased efficiencies and productivity. A virtual phone service allows clients to feel confident about a small business's operations and provides value-added services that can allow for clearer and more direct communication while supporting marketing and branding initiatives.
  1. Virtual Attendant - A virtual phone service supplies a dedicated virtual attendant which provides peace of mind and reassurance to clients and customers knowing that they can be connected to the people they need to reach. Clients in different time zones and business hours feel more confident about getting the service and support they need with a dedicated virtual assistant that can securely and instantly record messages. No call is ever lost due to human error or voice mail overflows. Clients expect better communication knowing that a dedicated virtual assistant is there to take their call, instead of dealing with confusing layers of options and circular routing. With a virtual phone service, clients are directed to whom they need to speak with and the channels of communication are clearer and more accurate.
  2. Professional Image - In a competitive landscape, gaining an edge in communication can go a long way. Small businesses are not only competing against other small businesses, but with larger more established businesses as well. Larger companies may have an advantage when it comes to more expansive marketing budgets, but small businesses can, in fact, compete with companies that have more marketing power when it comes to leveraging the power of a virtual phone service system. A virtual phone service is a cost-effective solution that delivers results in creating an image that rivals larger companies and gives small businesses the appearance of a larger, organized, established company. With greater access to toll free and direct access numbers, seamless connectivity is a feature found in larger companies that can also be attributed to small businesses with a virtual phone service.
  3. Flexible Call Forwarding - An office that has little to no barriers in its communication is able to accomplish more, and efficiently process and act on information in less time. Blockages to information are often unseen, but exist in confusing routing instructions or unclear passageways for clients to navigate through when calling an office looking for specific information. However, a virtual phone service eliminates issues in the information flow through features such as call-forwarding preferences and direct dial extensions. With solutions that address real problems, a virtual phone service allows for seamless connectivity and a more accurate contact approach. An added benefit to call-forwarding is the ability to enhance mobility away from the office, thus making the lines of communication value-driven with constant access to information and resources. Customers can reach the people they need to whether or not the people they are contacting are physically in the office. The connectivity a virtual phone service provides allows for greater productivity and efficiency.
  4. Marketing Power - A virtual phone service also offers cost-effective marketing and branding support. Small businesses can create solid marketing campaigns with customized toll free numbers without the overhead and material costs of frequent advertising promotions. Customized toll free numbers allow for flexible manipulation of promoted services, products or specials without having to rewrite or reinvest in revamping the marketing strategy. Setting up a marketing campaign is easy and supporting it with a dedicated toll free number allows small businesses to increase visibility and traffic in a cost-friendly manner.
A virtual phone service is an effective tool that allows small to medium-sized businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively across channels of communication. With a dedicated virtual attendant, clients know that communication is a priority, that their needs are valued, and will be promptly and accurately addressed. A virtual phone service can help prospective clients to see small businesses as organized and efficient when they associate virtual attendants and toll free numbers with hallmarks of large organizations that they trust. A virtual phone service eradicates perception issues as well as actual barriers to communication with more streamlined access to people who need to be reached whether in or out of the office. With every call, virtual phone service adds value by giving marketing and branding initiatives the support of a dedicated toll free number. For small to medium-sized businesses looking to gain an edge over their competition, investing in effective modes of communication can pay enormous dividends when aiming to attract and service clients.
Author Tim Paulino
Also known as the "virtual phone guy", Tim is a well-respected marketing and communications expert with over 14 years experience, helping thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. His writing and research focuses primarily on cloud-based virtual phone services that utilize toll free numbers with the latest voice and fax technology.
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