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Add any of the following value-added features for additional flexibility and functionality to your Freedom800® toll free number. Simply contact our support team anytime after you sign up and they'll assist you with adding your desired upgrade.

Additional Toll-Free Number
Add as many toll free numbers to your account as needed. Having multiple numbers is useful in tracking advertising reponse. Use call reports to filter by number and determine which campaign is most effective and metrics like average call time to gauge response quality.
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Additional Dedicated Fax Number
Dedicate a separate toll free number just for faxing. Dedicated toll-free fax numbers answer with a fax tone to make fax connections faster.
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Call Record
Call Record provides you with the ability to record incoming calls. Choose to record every call you receive, or use call recording only on certain mailboxes. It's an ideal solution to train employees, monitor and maintain the best customer service, record disputes or check the accuracy of order fulfillment.
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Vanity Toll Free Number
A vanity number can greatly improve your marketing results by making your toll-free number easier for customers to remember. You can order a vanity number anytime by contacting our support staff or search and secure a number during sign up. To start a vanity search, click here now.
one-time fee
Voicemail Transcription
We'll transcribe your voicemail into text and send it along with the original audio file to your email. By reading your voicemail messages, you can scan content to get right to urgent messages, sort, copy, paste, print and forward important messages plus your messages will be searchable using common search tools.
Name / Address Capture
We'll do a reverse lookup on the caller's caller id to try and match name and address. Captured information can be accesed via your online control panel or we can send it you via email. Toll-free numbers offer unblockable caller id capture while local numbers can not bypass caller id blocks.
per capture
Outbound Phone Service
Add our digital phone service to enjoy unlimited outbound calling anywhere in the US/Canada. Choose from either a VoIP desk phone or softphone that works seamlessly from just about anywhere and start making outbound calls to display your toll free number as the caller ID.
per seat
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Toll-Free Directory Listing
Get your new toll free number published in the White Pages as well as the Toll-Free Directory. Typically takes about a week to get published. There is a monthly service fee to maintain the listing as well as a one-time fee to setup the listing.
plus $30 setup
Voiceblaster Message Broadcasting
Broadcast any audio or voice message on your Freedom800® system to your own distribution list by phone. We'll make individual calls to each number on your distribution list and play your audio message immediately when the recipient picks up.
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