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Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us?

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Our technology is awesome, but in technology terms it's not unique. We'd love to go on about all the included features standard with all our plans or our shoestring budget pricing model, but there's a lot more that goes into providing a superior rated service than just features and pricing. We're talking about the stuff you don't see on our website, the human side to our technology that provides a way for people to be more productive. It's not just about the technology - and we get that.

Here are 3 unique reasons that sets Freedom800® apart from the other guys offering similar technology:

1. We Built Our Technology
We built our platform from the ground up in 1996 and have been constantly improving on it. We have the privilage to serve some very large and recognizable brands, but the majority of our customers are small businesses. Our platform is robust enough to meet the challenges of tiny start-ups to the demands of Fortune 500 organizations running large ad campaigns. We also rely on the service everyday because we're also a customer, utilizing our own technology to support our growing customer base and communication needs.

2. Made in the USA
We're proud to contribute to our economy in a meaniful way and provide a level of service that often exceeds expectations. Freedom800® is powered by FreedomVoice who's headquartered in Encinitas, California - a quaint beachside town just north of San Diego. Our team of support and billing representatives are all in-house and speak fluid English. And as a private company, our primary goal isn't to serve the interest of public shareholders, but instead serve the interests of our customers and employees.

3. Network Infrastructure
Network infrastructure is something that new clients don't consider much. Most tend to compare pricing and features, but what if your call quality is horrible or even worse your customers can't reach you? We invest heavily in 3 areas:

I. Enterprise-Level Hardware - Having top quality hardware and equipment means more reliability, better uptime and ultimately faster service.

II. Network Capacity - We've established long-term relationships with top tier providers and can offer crystal-clear call quality, even during peak usage hours. We realize this in itself may not seem important, but the network is the life blood of a cloud-based phone service and it's quite often underestimated for its importance in creating a reliable and quality service.

III. People Talent - Most of us know that having good brains behind the 'technology curtain' is what really keeps things up and optimized for peak performance. We have strict hiring standards and actively promote from within to ensure the talent we have is properly utilized.

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