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5 Top Tips On Choosing An 800 Phone Number Service

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An 800 phone number service can help to boost your business by making you more accessible to your customers. With a toll free number, they can call you anytime they want. It also gives you a more professional image and increases your sales by giving customers a number they can remember you by.

The only trouble is that when you start looking for an 800 phone number service, you'll be overwhelmed by all the different providers! This is a good thing because all of this competition has brought prices down (in the old days, you had to just use the phone company). But in order to help you find the right service, here are some tips to make your search easier.

1. Think About Features First

These providers offer a dizzying array of different services. They usually come in package deals that save you money on each individual feature. But before you start shopping, ask yourself which features are most important to you. Make a list of them and use this list to guide you in choosing the company.

2. Do They Offer Support?

There will always be times that you need customer support. How is theirs? They should be available to you 24 hours a day for any kind of problem. Look for a company that gets back to you quickly and actually has a human being on the other end of the phone line.

3. Read Reviews And Forum Chats

A good way to find out dirt on a company (if there is any) is to read customer reviews and online forums. If an 800 phone number service is offering its goods online, undoubtedly somebody's talking about this service. Testimonials on their site are nice, but they put them there; you want objective information. You can find information by typing their name into a search engine along with 'reviews' or 'forums.'

4. Ask About Cancellation Policies

What if you're not happy with their service? Make sure that they'll let you cancel without paying hefty penalties. This information can be found on their website's fine print or in the service agreement. Be sure that you have a good look. A good service will charge you month by month and allow you to cancel at any time that you no longer want to use their service.

5. I Know Your Busy, But Shop Around

Whatever you do, take the time to shop around for your 800 phone number service. Although it's easy to quit a service and switch to another, it's much better to find the right company the first time. You'll also find a wide range of prices if you shop around, so remember that there's always a good 800 phone number service somewhere that'll fit your budget.
Author Tim Paulino
Also known as the "virtual phone guy", Tim is a well-respected marketing and communications expert with over 14 years experience, helping thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. His writing and research focuses primarily on cloud-based virtual phone services that utilize toll free numbers with the latest voice and fax technology.
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