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Fax From Computer To Increase Your Small Business Efficiency

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Every small business owner wants high employee productivity and maximum efficiency within their company. Office supply manufacturers create so many different programs and machines that are supposed to simplify business procedures and increase productivity, but usually a company just ends up using a variety of resources they don't need. This not only slows productivity, but it isn't the most budget friendly way to run a company.

One area that most businesses can improve is the sending and receiving of faxes. Many companies still use the traditional fax machine and hard copy facsimile when corresponding with clients and business partners. But the new Internet fax systems allow employees to fax from computer stations rather than have to use a machine. Below are some features offered by virtual services that make running a business more efficient.

Fax to Email Services

This feature takes all of your incoming correspondence and sends it directly to your email inbox as a .PDF or .TIF file attachment. It includes all of the traditional information normally found on a fax, and it allows you to electronically file, forward, or take notes on each document for increased efficiency. You can also print out any correspondence that you need a hard copy for and still keep an electronic archive for employee reference.

You can also fax from computer to machine by using the service. If you have a document or email that you need to send to a client or business partner, you simply sign into to the Internet fax service, input the phone number, upload the documents, and send them to the recipient. Most services allow you at least 100 pages a month, with the more advanced plans offering over 450 pages a month. You no longer need to stand at a machine with a piece of paper and wait for it to go through. By being able to send a fax from computer to recipient, it makes correspondence easier and increases productivity.

Fax Forwarding and Archiving

Depending on the system you end up using, there may be options to forward faxes and archive them within the system. Forwarding means that any documents received through the system can be automatically sent to a business fax machine for a hard copy. Archiving is the act of saving and labeling your documents so that you can retrieve them easily for future reference. Both of these features are benefits for small businesses who want to be able to handle all administrative tasks from one control panel.

Call Blocking and Screening

Similar to a regular phone line, a virtual fax service can monitor your incoming calls and make sure that certain numbers don't ring through to your line. This can save you time and money since junk correspondence will no longer be able to get through, wasting your resources and clogging your lines for other legitimate callers. You can also receive information on all incoming numbers to your line. The system will capture the number and send it to you via email.

While fax from computer services aren't for everyone, small businesses with a high fax volume can benefit from a virtual service. The toll-free number increases your professional appearance and the unified system allows all of the employees to remain productive and have access to the system for business purposes.
Author Tim Paulino
Also known as the "virtual phone guy", Tim is a well-respected marketing and communications expert with over 14 years experience, helping thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. His writing and research focuses primarily on cloud-based virtual phone services that utilize toll free numbers with the latest voice and fax technology.
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