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Fax To Email For The Mobile Professional

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Fax to email service is a logical innovation for mobile professionals. It allows them to conduct business from wherever they may be at any given moment via a WiFi connection or broadband card, without the need for a physical fax machine.

There are many benefits to fax to email service, but the most important is the ability to exchange sensitive information on required forms without a trip to the office or the expense of a fax machine and related materials that take up space in an office. The forms will be received via the mobile professional's email account, so they can be accessed immediately. Fax to email service also eliminates the need to use pay-per-fax locations that may not have adequate security in place; an important consideration given the type of information required for sensitive transactions. In addition, the fax can be received by more than one person simultaneously if the fax to email account is configured to allow it. This means everyone involved in a transaction can be in the loop, no matter where they are at crucial moments during the process. Fax to email service also eliminates the need for someone to man the fax machine at an office location so that a fax can be scanned and emailed, or received and delivered via messenger or priority mail, to a mobile professional who is out of the office at a critical time.

There are many additional advantages to fax to email service. First, nothing needs to be printed unless it is necessary. This cuts down on wasted paper as well as filing space for documents that may never be accessed again. It also reduces the need for toner cartridges and the recycling of those products. Fax to email service puts the faxed documents where they're instantly able to be viewed - on the mobile professional's computer. Once there, the documents can be saved to disk or to the cloud, printed if necessary, and/or deleted when no longer active or required. The faxed documents can also be attached to transactions, added to a virtual client file, and distributed to any parties with a need for them. Multiple copies of paperwork can be printed when necessary, without a trip to the file room or office. All of this takes place within the confines of a secure environment where clients know their sensitive information is protected.

The biggest advantages over a physical fax machine is the associated paper and materials, and that there is no need to be in a specific location to send or receive a fax. If a fax comes through when the mobile professional is not online, it "waits" to be received like a standard email. It can also be delivered to the professional's PDA, if it has email capability. The fax can be sent from a laptop. To do this, the sender with online fax service logs into their account and enters the fax number of the recipient. If the receiving individual also has fax to email service, the document goes directly to their email account. If the receiving party does not have online fax service, the fax goes directly to their fax machine. On the other side of the transaction, a professional with fax to email service will receive a fax sent from a fax machine to their email account. This means that no paper needs to be printed and no physical machine needs to be used by a mobile professional with fax to email service, whether that individual is the sending or the receiving party.

In the course of a day, a mobile professional is going to be on the move. The professional is also likely to be dealing with a number of time-sensitive transactions simultaneously. The transactions may include sensitive information that gives clients legitimate concern about the security of any documents being exchanged. With fax to email service, it's possible for the mobile professional to be on top of things while ensuring an appropriate level of security and a satisfactory turn-around time.
Author Tim Paulino
Also known as the "virtual phone guy", Tim is a well-respected marketing and communications expert with over 14 years experience, helping thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. His writing and research focuses primarily on cloud-based virtual phone services that utilize toll free numbers with the latest voice and fax technology.
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