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Internet Fax For Increased Efficiency And Office Space

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Organized office environments help increase efficiency. There are numerous storage options on the market today that make it easy to quickly access paper documents, files, and office supplies. These storage solutions often hold photos, reports, signed documents, and customer contact information within numerous filing cabinets. While these cabinets may help businesses stay somewhat organized, storing documents in this way presents a number of problems.

Some of the information found within the pages of each file is sensitive. Keeping paper copies of sensitive information in a filing cabinet is not very secure. First of all you must rely on employees to make sure they keep the cabinet locked. Secondly, you may need to maintain separate cabinets for sensitive versus non-sensitive information. Files that are lost or incorrectly refiled may become security problems. Finding a way for all authorized employees to be able to quickly access files and easily store documents is important. These sensitive documents can also be time consuming to manage.

Employees must go to the filing cabinets, find the appropriate file, and then return it promptly. Floating files that have not made it back to the filing cabinet prevent other authorized employees from accessing that specific information. Temporarily lost or missing files can delay progress on important projects. Permanently lost files may result in valuable contacts being lost, projects set back, or even lawsuits. The cost of obtaining new clients or customers is always more expensive than maintaining current business through organization and professionalism. Clients easily lose faith in companies that appear disorganized.

Many businesses have separate rooms dedicated exclusively to file storage. The filing cabinets may have their own special filing system that each employee must learn to locate files in a timely manner. Not only does this extra training eat up time and resources, the amount of space that is needed to store the documents can greatly increase the amount of office space that is rented out each month.

One solution that many businesses are turning to is internet fax. Internet fax archiving can be used to keep a record of all outgoing and incoming fax documents. These faxed documents can be sent from any desktop or laptop computer with Internet access. Most documents that are routinely printed out from a computer can be archived by internet fax. Using internet faxing will eliminate the need for large filing cabinets in the office. Files can now be archived online.

Easy access to archived internet fax documents greatly reduces the amount of paperwork needed to be kept inside of the office. By saving the documents onto a shared server or drive, that can be accessed remotely, businesses are saving a lot of space that has previously been taken up by filing cabinets or entire records rooms. These documents can also now be password protected to increase security for sensitive information. As well, there will never again be a delay on a project because one person misplaced a file.

Internet faxing replaces the need for having a fax machine. The annual office supply budget can be reduced since there is no fax machine maintenance. Replacement costs for ink cartridges, fax paper, and the fax line are eliminated. Employees will not have to waste time standing in front of the fax machine waiting for a fax to go through. Multiple faxed documents can be sent to different locations at the same time. Internet fax can be used while away on business, with a laptop, or at your office desk. Any computer with an internet connection can send and receive internet faxes.

Technology is changing the way business is conducted throughout the world. Documents can easily be sent and received through internet faxing. Each file can be archived and accessed anywhere the internet is available. No longer are professionals chained to specific work areas in order to have unrestricted easy access to files. Businesses that use virtual assistants, outsourced professionals, and temporary employees can restrict access of certain archived files for security purposes.

Business deals that once took several weeks to go through can be completed in a few business days. Internet faxing helps businesses of all sizes become more efficient. During a phone call, or when a client drops in, it may be necessary to quickly access their archived internet fax files, which is quicker if all files are on an easily-accessible server. Internet faxing can expand, secure, and organize files for any sized office and has completely revolutionized the way businesses archive their data.
Author Tim Paulino
Also known as the "virtual phone guy", Tim is a well-respected marketing and communications expert with over 14 years experience, helping thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. His writing and research focuses primarily on cloud-based virtual phone services that utilize toll free numbers with the latest voice and fax technology.
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