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Virtual Phone Service Helps You Stay in Touch When on the Move

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If you're an on-the-go entrepreneur, setting up an appropriate phone service can be tricky. You need to be easy to reach at anytime and anywhere. The good news is that toll free numbers offered by virtual phone service providers can help you stay in touch. You don't have to deal with the phone company or even a physical landline. With an online sign-up form and a mobile, you're ready to go.

Call Forwarding Keeps You in the Loop

Virtual phone service providers offer call forwarding as a standard feature and this is a life-saver for consultants. Call forwarding works by forwarding calls to a designated phone. When somebody calls your toll free number, it comes straight to you wherever you are.

This is actually a pretty old feature that's been available for years, but now it has a modern twist. Because lines are run over the Internet, call forwarding today has unlimited flexibility. You can designate multiple phones for your call forwarding service. It can ring first at your office and if nobody is around to pick it up, it'll be forwarded to your cellphone.

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Features to Fit Your Business

Call forwarding isn't the only feature virtual phone service providers offer. There is a lot they can do with Internet-based phone lines and many of these features are offered as standard packages. You can choose exactly which you want to suit your business's needs. You can also opt out of ones you don't need so that you don't have to pay extra.

In addition to forwarding, other features that are handy for entrepreneurs include voicemail to email, which sends your voicemail messages to your email inbox. Some services actually transcribe the message for you into text so that you can read messages at your leisure.

Multiple ring is another convenient feature. You can designate several different phone numbers where it'll ring at the same time. It can ring at your office and in your pocket. If you have assistants, it can ring on their phones in case you're unavailable.

International Plans

Many entrepreneurs operate worldwide with clients all over the globe. Virtual phone service providers offer international plans that cost little more than domestic plans. All of the same options are available for international service.

You can also take control of your image by using toll free numbers. Toll free numbers are free for your callers and can forward internationally. They're great for establishing trust with your customers, and even if you operate locally, it can provide you with a more established image.

The Advantages of Internet Phone Lines

Because there's no actual landline involved, this is cheaper, faster and easier than ever before. You don't have the regular inconveniences and disconnections you'd get when you operate over a physical phone line. Another advantage is that you can be connected immediately. As soon as you fill out the online form, you're ready to take calls.

There are lots of ways that a virtual phone service and toll free number can make your life easier. If you're an entrepreneur that has to be on the go all the time, it's a service worth looking into.
Author Tim Paulino
Also known as the "virtual phone guy", Tim is a well-respected marketing and communications expert with over 14 years experience, helping thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners. His writing and research focuses primarily on cloud-based virtual phone services that utilize toll free numbers with the latest voice and fax technology.
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