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Does Freedom800® offer unlimited usage plans?

No. This question is often the concern of those who are fearful of receiving a large toll free usage bill at the end of the month. We find most people tend to over-estimate their actual usage. In most cases, high usage is not something that happens overnight, but rather gradually increases over time. Since we're a month-to-month service, starting with a lower-priced, lower usage plan and scaling up when necessary is most often the best option saving you the most money.

For those who already know they'll have a high volume of calls from the start beware of services that offer high volume of minutes for a flat monthly fee. These services rely on the fear factor explained above knowing that the majority of their customers will never use anywhere close to the volume of minutes offered. And often times such plans have fair usage clauses that prevent a high volume of minutes used consistently.

Knowing this, high volume users are better off shopping for a competitive per minute rate along with responsive customer service and a strong feature set that can enhance your existing business model.
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