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Lead Generation

Attract More Buyers and Sellers

You can attract a steady stream of new prospects using a unique toll-free number included with your Freedom800® call capture line. By utilizing advanced call capture technology, you will be able to capture more prospects phone numbers even if the caller doesn't leave their information or has a blocked number. You even have the option of having us do a reverse lookup on the captured phone number to get the name and address of the caller. All of this valuable information can easily be viewed in real-time, online at your convenience.

How to Generate Leads with a Call Capture Line

Sign Riders

Recorded information hotline image Example sign rider promoting the toll-free number with the extension of the property Give potential buyers the ability to get FREE recorded information about any of your listings, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prospects driving around on 2nd or 3rd shift have access to information about the different homes you have on the market. This means you're making it convenient for your prospects to get the information they need on their own time. Since most buyers have full time jobs, it's important to provide the information they need after normal working hours.

As callers dial your toll-free number to listen to a particular listing, you've captured their number. Now you have 'hot' list of prospects that you can easily follow-up with, assuring that you never miss an opportunity.

Information Provider

Example ad to attract sellers to call your toll free number so you can capture their info Successful agents position themselves as information providers. This is accomplished by providing information your prospects want, such as, "10 Things You Must Know Before Selling". Place an ad in your local paper advertising, "Call 800-555-5555 x110 for a FREE Report". Interested prospects can call 24/7 to hear the pre-recorded information that is already professionally recorded on your Freedom800® call capture line. You're positioning yourself as an information provider, people now call in at their convenience, no pushy sales person to talk to, and at the same time, you've captured their information.

Web Advertising

Put your Freedom800® call capture line on your website and all online listings Why post a regular number on your website, when you can post your Freedom800® toll free number that will ensure each time someone calls you, you've captured their phone number (even if the number is blocked) as well as their name & address (optional). At anytime, you can go online and view all your leads in real time.

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