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Strengthen Your Listings

Attract More Buyers and Sellers

Each Freedom800® call capture line lets you record information about a home in one of your extensions prior to a listing presentation. You can demonstrate the power of call capture and convince sellers that you are the best candidate to sell their home.

Attract More Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Strengthen Your Listing Presentations

Impress sellers with advanced call capture communications technology. Before going to a listing presentation, record information about the property in one of your 100 unique extensions. When meeting with the sellers, have them call your toll free number and listen to the information about their property. They will be pleasantly surprised to hear a description of their property and how easy it is to get additional information. Furthermore, you can show the seller how your Freedom800® call capture line will capture every caller's information. This will give your sellers confidence that prospective buyers will not go unnoticed.

Connect With Buyers

You're giving potential buyers the ability to call your toll free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get information about your listings. This means you're making it convenient for your prospects to get the information they need on their own time. Most buyers have full time jobs, so it's important to provide the information they need after normal working hours. By capturing every callers number you can easily follow-up, assuring that you never miss an opportunity.

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